Tdot Women Magazine” is a new Toronto online and print magazine highlighting NEWS & ISSUES affecting women from across Canada. #heretoinspire. The magazine is a registered business in Ontario. It does not support bullying in any form.

Originally started as a ‘mood board’ of inspiration for only the Women of Toronto (acknowledged as the lands of the Mississaugas, of the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee Confederacy and the Wendat, while recognizing the enduring presence of all First Nations, Métis and the Inuit peoples) it expanded to incorporate NEWS and ISSUES affecting all women when other women from across the country and around the world began following the magazine on Instagram. If anyone is interested in submitting an article or idea, please reach out through the contact page.


Michelle Lalonde studied biomedical engineering at Western University in London, Ontario, and centred her concentration on scientific research. She then went on to be a grant editor for many years, which is how she fell in love with writing. With a combination of research and grant editing skills, journalism just seemed to “make sense”. In 2010, she was editor of an online family website, ”Yonah’s Heart” and broadcaster of the Blog Talk Radio Show of the same name. She often gravitates towards causes where she feels people have been treated unfairly while wanting to raise the voices of those not often heard in mainstream media. Michelle is currently a member of the “Canadian Association of Journalists”, an independent, not-for-profit organization that provides advocacy and professional development for journalists across Canada.

Michelle Lalonde


Desree Fellows is a mother of two, a wife and an educator. She grew up mainly in Scarborough, but has lived all over the city of Toronto. She runs a baking business and hosts a podcast. In her spare time she loves to write, and play with her children.

Des Fellows


Karina Flores is an advocate for locally grown food and knowing your farmer. Her blog, “The Sassy Tomato” stands for her Latina personality and the importance of fresh and real food. When she’s not cooking or writing, you can find her at a Farmers’ Market or volunteering  at Foragers Farms.

Karina Flores


Ritu Kohli-Sethi has over two decades of experience in operations, marketing and business development. Married and a proud mama of two, Ritu enjoys writing about her professional and personal life experiences.

Ritu Kohli-Sethi


Lisa Kates is a co-founder of Building Roots, a social venture that focusses in a 360 degree approach to community building, combining access to fresh affordable food at the Moss Park Market with art and literacy programming and raising awareness in positive ways with residents. Building Roots has an urban farm in Ashbridge Estate that combines growing food for the market with learning about herbs, pollinators and many other things.

Lisa discovered photography as a hobby and takes pictures of people, places and things; whatever she sees through her lens is hers to share on Instagram and with clients. She is fortunate to have the support of her husband Aaron, whatever her endeavours are. Together they enjoy hiking, spending time in the country and exploring new places through travel. Movies, enjoying food, reading books are always on their radar. 

Lisa has three terrific adult kids and two son-in-laws who she likes a lot!

Her life motto would be to “welcome new adventures”. Life is meant to be explored!

Lisa Kates