“Alice, Darling”: An Important Movie for Our Time

Picture courtesy of TIFF

Sadly, many of our followers can relate to this movie. We often share local women’s abuse counselling information, whose need increased during the pandemic.  We feel this movie is important as it will start conversations and may even possibly save a life. 

Thirty eight year old director Mary Nighy was named one of the UK Film Council’s “Breakthrough Brits” in 2005 when she starred in British television series and movies. She is one of the 40% of directors this year at TIFF who are women, which is endorsed by the Share Her Journey movement . Daughter of actor Bill Nighy (Love Actually, Pirates of the Caribbean) and actress Diana Marilyn Quick (Brideshead Revisited), she gravitated towards film making and directing, having one film air at the 2007 Miami Film Festival. (Wikipedia)

This year, she has her feature debut as the director of “Alice, Darling” which is premiering at TIFF. 

“Alice, Darling” stars Anna Kendrick, whose character Alice is involved in abusive relationship. She appears extremely anxious to her friends, having to lie to her boyfriend, Simon, to go on a cottage getaway.

Once her friends notice that Alice is repeatedly receiving texts from Simon, they try their best to help her understand that this is not a healthy relationship that she’s in. Although Alice knows that she’s not happy, she can’t seem to wrap her mind around the emotional distress and mental anguish that Simon is putting her through. 

As the weekend goes on, Alice’s friends are concerned for her safety and their friendship as Simon continues to pull Alice deeper and deeper into his psychological manipulation to gain full control and separate Alice from those who truly love her. (TIFF Media News Updates)

“Alice, Darling” will be showing Sept 11th at TIFF. See TIFF site for details.

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