April Showers’ “Afro Unicorn” Brand Launches into Homes and Hearts

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Press Release courtesy of Melody Flowers
Entertainment Publicist. Executive Producer. Screenwriter:

April Showers, the Founder and CEO of Afro Unicorn shattered the glass ceiling and became the first Black female-owned business to have a licensed brand in a major retail store– the celebration/party brand (also now a clothing brand) is now in over 3,000 Walmart stores across the US and is already making an impact by empowering underrepresented Black women and young girls to embrace their beauty. Afro Unicorn™ launched in 2019 as a direct-to-consumer ecommerce business.

As former owner and operator of a local State Farm franchise, April has always worked to empower individuals, especially women of color, to create multiple streams of income as she believes no one should depend on a singular income stream for their livelihood. Before launching Afro Unicorn a close male friend kept referring to her as a unicorn upon noticing her innate hustle and true determination to be successful while balancing life as a single mom of two active young boys:
“I truly thought I was just doing what every woman does, or at least what every woman or mom should be doing. It wasn’t until I suffered a rather significant upset and then bounced all the way back that I realized I was indeed a unicorn the entire time, but was unable to identify with the existing image of one.  I created Afro Unicorn because I wanted to see how I could tie in women empowerment with the different shades of unicorns. I wanted to create something that says, ‘Yes, you can. You CAN step out and not just be pigeonholed into just one area.”The community behind the brand is what really attributes to its success. The company was launched with grassroot efforts on social media with a central focus to highlight OTHER entrepreneurs, sharing their stories on what made them unique, divine, and magical. The message was a simple call to action: “Hey! Have you ever seen an Afro Unicorn? We’ve created a platform for women of color who hustle! Follow the movement!!” In just a few months the Instagram page had grown tremendously, including many loyal celebrity followers such as Alicia Keys, Sherri Shepherd and Tiffany Haddish.  Showers credits her dedicated online community for getting her foot in the door at Walmart after a video went viral featuring a 4-year-old girl wearing an Afro Unicorn™ t-shirt. The video was shared by numerous celebrities, including Oprah, Viola Davis, and Tina Knowles and then caught the eye of a Walmart executive. That inspired the global merchant to reach out to April about a possible collaboration with the retail giant. 
Through the Afro Unicorn brand, April Showers encourages aspiring, new, and established black women entrepreneurs to be passionate, purposeful, and strategic within their journey of entrepreneurship, normalizing black beauty on a global scale.

The brand will be launching in Canadian stores soon, and we will have a more in-depth interview with April at that time! You can get the Afro Unicorn products by going to their website. They ship internationally.

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