Art During a Pandemic – A Change in Perspective

A change in perspective is the only thing that got me through last year. I had to put aside my ideas of where I wanted to work, where I wanted to live and what I truly cared about in life. My life had changed, but I refused to grow with the change. I’m blessed to have people in my life who love and support me, but nothing they said got through to me at the time. I was mourning my old life for months, into a deep depression with plenty of anxiety. It’s when I finally hit rock bottom that I threw my hands up in defeat and started painting. I had been creating multidisciplinary art for years, but I knew I needed to go deeper to heal.

I started creating a world that felt safe. One that challenged what I saw outside and felt inside. I examined what I needed: colour, space, and rolling hills. The concept of home had always been shaky for me, but in my art, I create my own home. I don’t have control over anything outside of myself; I create my reality. This realization sent me on a path of acceptance, love and peace. I cherish my inner world now and carry it with me wherever I go.

Somewhere FAR”

My work uses bright colours and shapes to create new worlds that challenge the material. In this piece, I imagined a vast open space, secluded but dripping rich colour. A blurry place that only exists in my mind

Tanika Johnny

Tanika Johnny

Tanika Johnny is a Visual Artist and Arts Worker from Ottawa currently living and working in Toronto. She creates art to re-shape her perspective on her past, present and future. Her background combines a blend of arts-based programming, youth work, program coordination and arts facilitation. She loves connecting community organizations with artists, while helping members of the public with the ultimate goal of deepening their creativity and strengthening how they feel about their homes.

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