“Coupon Cutie” Taking Over Canada

Nichole lives in Canada on a farm with her 4 dogs and 7 cats. She sometimes takes in stray cats, who end up staying permanently. Her love for animals is more than her love for couponing, but when she saw her friend’s son, Austin, getting free items with coupons, she thought she would start. Initially, Nichole investigated everything there was about coupons, and has been doing this for eight years. Her motivation to go forward is that she loves helping people and seeing them happy. When asked what her tip for others wanting to try couponing would be, she replied, “YOU CAN DO THIS! Couponing isn’t that hard, and my advice is to start small, learn the basics and then go from there!”

The following is Tdot Women’s interview with her. Hope you enjoy!

You have a lot of followers. When did your coupon-fame begin? Is it difficult to keep up with your social accounts and still do what you need to do?

1. Almost 2 years ago I had a serious car accident where I could have died.  It changed my life.  One day I decided that I wanted to show people how to save money in Canada.  No one was doing that on TikTok so I decided I wanted to.  My car accident made me realize you need to do the things you want to now, not just sit and dream about them (if that makes sense). Social media is a huge undertaking and a lot of hard work.  Sometimes I don’t get the things I need done. 

Couponing is a huge thing in the US, where people end up spending very little on their groceries if they are devoted. Can the same be achieved here, in Canada? Why or why not?

2. Yes, but it’s not exactly the same.  It’s not like that TV show in the US or Canada anymore.  It’s a little harder in Canada as opposed to the USA. They have more digital deals

Do you have certain apps that you recommend people downloading to start?

3. PC Optimum,  Reebee to price match and Checkout51 for cash back.  These are the 3 easiests apps to use to get started.

If someone has never couponed before, what would you advise as being the easiest way to enter the hobby?

4. To get started they should watch my youtube video on how to extreme coupon in Canada!  They should then try and do any of the easy deals that I share.

 What has been your best purchase/savings through couponing? 

5. My best deal was at No Frills.  I had an offer for 600 PC points (.60 cents in points per can) back when I bought canned veggies . Well, my No Frills ordered too many cans of green beans they had pallets of them (see picture above).  They priced them for 10 cents each with no limit.  I asked if it was okay if I filled a cart (they didn’t care because there were so many). I paid 40 bucks and got back over $200 in points. I then donated the beans to charity in their donation bin at the store.

Is this something the entire family has to be on board with, or can you do this on your own?
6. Couponing would probably be easiest without your kids there lol.  

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