Creating a Mood Board Using Pinterest

Mood Board

Since the world is in quarantine because of COVID_19, we all have been spending time staring at the walls of our homes. This has lead me to want to decorate my living room space like I have always wanted it to look. I’m a very practical person, and hate spending money. I will thrift as much as possible and live a minimalist lifestyle, not minding much about my surroundings. Now that I have been spending so much time on my sofa, I decided how much I dislike my space and want a change.

The problem with having a desire for change, is wanting it to happen “immediately”. This leads one to impulse buying, and creating a room where things don’t really go. After taking a class on Skillshare (not sponsored), I found a way to create a Mood Board off of the designs I liked on Pinterest. It was one of those, “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments for me as it is super simple to do.

I started by using the one large item in my room that I cannot change, which is my sofa. I found a pin with a similar sofa, and saved it to a board I called “mood board”. I then went to the three dots beside the save button and clicked on “download image”. I continued to do this with six more objects: a rug; lamp; pillow; art; nature objects; and a coffee table. After all pictures were saved, I went to my Canva app and started a new project under ‘presentations’. This gives a landscape canvas to work on. I then added the pictures to the page, scaling them down to their appropriate size based upon their significance in the room. The above picture is my finished result.

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