Monforte Dairy is Sure to Please

Pictured: Water Buffalo Rost D’amour from Monforte Dairy

Ruth is the extraordinary woman behind Monforte Dairy, and you simply must just meet her. You will likely spot her giving out cheese samples to passing customers and her dog Burt, patiently sitting beside her. She has a range of cheeses from cow, sheep, goat, and water buffalo cheeses all made in Stratford. Ruth is very passionate about what she does and her products. She sources the milk from trusted farmers that are non-GMO and raise their animals in the most natural way. All her providers are within an hour of the farm. 

​With over 30 cheeses, there’s no question you’ll be in cheese heaven when you visit the stand in the Leslieville Market, which runs every Sunday from 9am-2pm until October 30th. A good place to start is by tasting one of the first cheeses Ruth started with twenty years ago, like the Pecorino Toscano from sheep’s milk or the creamy Taleggio. Also, during the summer months, you cannot miss trying out the Queso Fresco. It’s a very fresh and young cheese, perfect for snacking or to put on salads! You can also find Monforte cheeses all year round at the Evergreen Brick Works and St. Lawrence winter markets and retail shops like The Cheese Boutique.  

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