Mother-Daughter Team New Store Supports Vintage Entrepreneurs

Nestled down a few steps at 605 Bloor St W. lies a newly opened store run by a mother-daughter team. Prior to opening, both Tatyana and Terri Passaretti were running their businesses online before they found the brick-and-mortar place on Bloor, very close to where the old “Honest Ed’s” used to be.

Although no connection to Ed Mirvish’s store (Ed is the name of Terri’s Father) the story carries with it the same sort of ”vibe”.

The team offers their storefront to other vendors who want a place to sell their wares. In Toronto, where store rental’s are costly, this sort of opportunity is very hard to come by. Terri and Tatyana are providing both a service and a community for the vendors that they host.

“It was partially a decision of practicality to open it as sort of a collective,” says Tatyana in an online interview. “Two people alone, keeping an entire large store filled with handmade goods/hand picked clothing, would be quite difficult. We also wanted a way to bring back a sense of community that had really been lost with everyone in isolation for so long. It’s been really nice watching everyone get to know each other and we even have vendors who have started collaborating to organize workshops and pop-up events on the weekends!”

Originally, Terri was managing a small store on her own, while teaching knitting courses online. Tatyana was a makeup artist, but after losing that job in 2020, she transitioned to selling vintage clothing online.

With everyone (including Terri’s husband and Tatyana’s Father, Rob, who is an equal partner in the store, but chooses to remain behind the scenes) working from home during the Pandemic, the two ladies decided that combining their talents into one store made sense. Terri continues to host classes while Tatyana still searches for Vintage clothing, some hailing from across the globe.

Not all vendors they host sell vintage ware in the store. There are newly created bath bombs, candles and various pieces of artwork. You can sometimes find live plants for sale, it all depends upon the vendors.

Terri and Tatyana are really creating a needed service in the city. Selling mostly Vintage keeps things out of the landfills while making decor suitable to every budget, a pleasant relief with prices skyrocketing around us.

Check out this link to visit their website. All their vendors are listed here. Follow everyone on Instagram. You won’t be disappointed!

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