The Emergence of Hate in Covid Times

This magazine does not support any political or religious views. However, it does not stand for hate, in any form. 

Hate has been something so prevalent in today’s media. Recently, we haven’t been able to feel a sense of freedom from it. I remember thinking how calm the world was when everyone was in lockdown. Countries seemed to be free from attacks. Things seemed quiet. Then, there was a gradual resurgence of violence as people started to leave their homes. 

Suddenly, it seems hate is everywhere. We are not only fighting amongst our families, but countries are at each other’s throats. People are pointing fingers. Everyone wants to be blaming everyone else. There is no peace. 

And the fighting continues. The hate rises. The situations get worse. People who we believed were our friends, suddenly turn against us over the views we hold. More animosity and more sleepless nights ensue. 

Lockdown built up the stresses within us. It built up our tensions. It created a boiling pot of nothing to do but think. Hate grows in those conditions, because their is no outlet for it. The fine veneer of tolerance we have for one another is wiped away, and fights begin. 

It would be nice if the world could just stop and see that we are all getting no where in this environment. That we are united. We are not immune to death (as Covid has so readily shown us). None of us are here forever. Why can’t we show more love and tolerance and try to re-emerge from this isolation as better people? As a changed society? That’s what I had hoped would have happened. For now, I continue to struggle with the reality of the present situation and wish for a better tomorrow. 

Michelle Lalonde

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