The New Normal: Parent and Child Adjustments

It’s already mid-October, and the children have been back in school after experiencing “stay-at-home life” during Covid-times. However, Covid struggles are still very present in our everyday lives. Today our staff writer, “Mama Des”, discusses how she and her daughter are coping with the new adjustments:

Our children are back in school, and I just wanted to “check-in” and see how everyone is doing. I am happy to have my daughter back in school so that she can socialize with friends and learn in person with her teachers. We are very close, but the distance from each other during the day is definitely needed. She has adjusted very well to her teachers, and they communicate with me about her progress. Recently, she had a moment during the day where she was very upset because she missed me, and then she finally expressed to me that she was so used to me being right outside the door when she was enrolled in online school, that it’s sometimes a struggle to get through the day knowing that I’m not there.

Parents, can you relate?

Separation anxiety is something that lasts for a while with children. I always encourage my daughter to be independent and make decisions for herself. I also make sure to let her know that she can express her feelings to me when something happens at school and how she handled it. Open communication is so important for our little ones.

On the other hand, we as parents are also going through our own “adjustments”. Buying school supplies, clothes, and children masks from stores while wearing masks probably wasn’t what you imagined, especially if your child is just starting kindergarten. If your child used to come home for lunch, or you were used to making their lunches right before lunch and dropping it off, that’s a huge change as well. Wondering if your child is keeping their masks on at school, or if your child can breathe properly while wearing a mask is probably on your mind too. Wondering how many times and how long your child is washing their hands and using hand sanitizer during the day could also be a concern. Oh, and let’s not forget the social distancing that your children are supposed to understand at their young, tender ages. Trust me, I understand!

This is a huge adjustment on both ends. It’s important to be vocal because emotions can take over in the heat of the moment. Understanding how your child is feeling can also help them understand how you are feeling.

I asked my daughter, “What can we do to help the day go by smoothly?”

I think this is an interesting question, because it encourages brainstorming and problem solving. Here are some of the things I came up with for you guys:

– Morning Affirmations – On the way to school, encourage some positive statements to say for both of you to get the day started (some mornings are hectic so maybe twice a week)

– Cute notes in their lunch bags – My daughter came up with this one. She asked me to write messages to her and put them in her lunch bag so she has something to look forward to during the day.

– Asking more than, “How was your day?” or,“ What did you learn today?” Instead, ask them questions like, “Who made you laugh today?” or, “Anything interesting happen during lunch?” It stirs up more of a conversation.

– Quality time at home – My daughter and I do movie nights. Plan a day with your kids when they come home or over the weekends so they have something to look forward to when they get home.

Hopefully, our children feel a sense of “normal” now that they’re back in school. All we can do is support them and encourage them to be all that they can be!


Mama Des

<br><br><br>Des Fellows

Des Fellows

Des is a mother of two, a wife and an educator. She grew up in Scarborough, but has lived all over the city of Toronto. She runs a baking business and hosts a podcast. In her spare time she loves to write and play with her children.

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