The Woman King: A Review

Picture Courtesy of TIFF Media

In a continuation of our ”Share Her Journey” series happening at TIFF, which endorses women in the entertainment industry, we bring to you our review of “The Woman King”. Director Gina Prince-Blythwood has outdone herself once again with an epic story of the strength of womanhood. A tale of a true story of the all female military regiment called “Agojie”. Oscar award winner, Viola Davis, plays the leader of the regime (Nanisca) who protects the West African Kingdom of Dahomey. 

Courtesy of TIFF

In the year 1823, an orphan grows up in distress as she is to be married off for money. The young girl (Nawi, played by Thuso Mbedu) wants to join Agojie to defend their people against the Oyo Empire and the Portuguese slave traders. Nawi proves her strength and agility as a soldier, although she questions the military rule that they are not permitted to marry or have children. Buried secrets surface, and the thrilling story of the warrior women reveal sacrifice and perseverance. Their connections to each other strengthen, until they become unstoppable. It truly is a film to see!

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