The Women of Leslieville Farmers’ Market – Part 2

This week’s feature: Hello Betina – Jams, Mustards, Preserves & Bread – Spent Good

Pictured: Smiling Carol with her selection of jams and preserves and Spent Good products.

Carol is a one of the sweetest and kindest souls you will encounter at The Leslieville Farmers’ Market. She embodies the Latin American spirit in her jams and preserves. For Carol, “Hello Betina” was a hobby that became a business. Her Brazilian childhood was surrounded by love and by family staying together in the kitchen. Everyone was a cook in the family. In fact, her Banana Jam is the original recipe from her dad’s mother. 

Another reason to love “Hello Betina” is for the ingredients in her jams and preserves. She turns second grade fruit (that would have otherwise gone to the garbage) into a first-grade product. “Hello Betina” not only produces a local product but also aims to combat food waste!

If you don’t fall in love with Carol’s radiant personality right away (which would be a difficult task on its own), you will fall in love with her products. Cooking for her is like therapy. “The hands are extensions of the heart,” Carol commented. Her love will heal you and you will have an experience through her products. I can attest from experience that her Rose Berry Mustard is divine, giving feelings of sweetness and warmth afterwards. You can also find products from “Spent Good” at her booth.

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