The Women Of Leslieville Farmers’ Market: Part 3

This week’s feature: Crystall of City Girl Greens

Pictured: Krystall posing with her selection of micro-greens

You will probably encounter Krystall, founder of City Girl Greens, at The Leslieville Farmers’ Market. Krystall stumbled onto micro-greens, and one day she had the idea to start growing them! Now, three years later, she has a female-owned urban farm providing local, nutrient-dense food for people in the city. “The growing is most rewarding,” shares Krystall. “Watching a seed go from nothing, transform into a living organism is truly something special.”

Krystall converted a space in the basement into a grow-room. She tries to prioritize sourcing from local suppliers, with 90% of her suppliers being Canadian. Moreover, all the seeds are certified organic and GMO free and are produced using organic growing practices. She aims to be as eco-friendly as possible, even down to her packaging, which is made of plant-based plastics and is compostable. You can find her and her micro-greens every week at the market. Radish is Krystall’s favourite and mine as well, having a little sweet with a kick of spice! Make sure you check out her booth. The Leslieville Market is open every Sunday, 9am-2pm, and runs until October.

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