Toronto Photographer Enjoys the View

Photo Courtesy of Sharon Chan

Toronto photographer, Sharon Chan, started taking pictures as a hobby. “It helps me unwind, capture those fleeting moments and learn something new each day,” said Chan in an online interview. Her Instagram feed is filled with different genres of photography. Her street photography is stunning. Chan told Tdot Women, “I find street photography a very appealing niche as I can capture the unplanned events. It gives me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone (by) interacting with strangers.” She also has a strong love of night photography. When asked to elaborate on why so many of her pictures are taken at night, she explained, “There is something about the night lights which makes the scene so much more vibrant and lively, giving you a fresh perspective on a city that has become so familiar.”

Scattered amongst her Toronto photographs are pictures from around the world. She told Tdot Women she enjoys traveling. “That’s how I got hooked onto travel photography. To (be able to) capture and appreciate earth’s most beautiful moments.”

(Self-Portrait by Sharon Chan Photography)

To see more of Sharon’s work, please check out her Instagram page by clicking here.

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