Toronto Photographer Takes the City by Storm

Toronto Skyline – Tamara Ferdman

Toronto photographer, Tamara Ferdman, is blowing up Instagram with her great photos! We reached out to her to ask if she was interested in sharing a bit about her journey along with some of her favourite pics. Hope you enjoy!!

“I was always the one taking photos, and I’m glad I did!” – Tamara Ferdman

My passion and love for photography started young and never quite went away. I was always the one taking photos, and I’m glad I did, because I’ve captured some of the most beautiful memories of family and friends over the years.

When I got into the travel industry, that love (for photography) expanded out into the world and all the amazing places I have been fortunate enough to visit.

Landscapes, wildlife, and people are what I truly love to observe. They all offer beauty and glimpses into different cultures, emotions and lives, and allow me the opportunity to capture those special and sometimes brief moments.

There is room in the photography world for everyone’s voice and vision, and I’m just happy to share mine and hope it brings understanding, joy and sometimes a little unexpected fun!

As of late, I’ve gotten really into astrophotography and birding, both challenge me to learn new skills and grow, and I’m looking forward to what’s next!

Tamara Ferdman

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